Call for Nominations 2023 -2024

MANA is seeking two (2) Directors, a President-Elect, a Treasurer, and three (3) members for the Nomination Committee this election year.

MANA Leader Expectations:

  • Attend Board Orientation  
  • Attend monthly Board meeting via video conference at 7:30 p.m. on second Tuesday of every month
  • Participate in a subcommittee such as, Government Relations, Public Relations, Fundraising, Diversity, and Wellness

What current Board members are saying:

  • “I enjoy being a part of the larger discussion about how to advance and protect CRNAs in Massachusetts.”
  • “It’s rewarding when you are told by a policymaker that you helped them better understand the role of a CRNA.” 
  • “Helping to plan events to bring our community together and give CRNAs an opportunity to share best practices, experiences and ideas is my favorite part of being on the MANA Board.      
  • “I love being behind the scenes of the stories of CRNAs who are being nominated for spotlights and recognitions.”

MANA values and seeks diverse leadership. Candidates should possess positive leadership attributes, practice emotional intelligence, and have the ability to work collaboratively. Candidates should welcome new experiences and ongoing learning, engage in mutually respectful debate and discussions and share MANA’s visionary, strategic drive. 

We urge you to reach out to a Board member in advance of a nomination to better understand the position.  All Board members welcome questions.

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