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Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Resources

Since the official opening of the 2018 Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program's 2-year Check-in, more than half of the 23,000+ CRNAs due to check in this year have already completed the process.

The 2-year Check-in is the mid-point requirement in each 4-year CPC Program cycle. Designed with CRNAs' busy schedules in mind, the 2-year Check-in is simple and quick. Many who have already checked in report that the entire process took less than five minutes. This quick yet important process helps ensure that contact information, licensure information, and record of practice are current and correct – a responsibility of quality certification entities.  At the 2-year Check-in, CRNA can also pay their every-two-year credentialing fee (for the upcoming two years), and review their progress in the CPC Program, as well.

Not all CRNAs are required to complete the 2-year Check-in this year, as individual check-in deadlines will vary depending on recertification or initial certification dates. All CRNAs who recertified or initially certified in 2016, however, will need to complete the 2-year Check-in this year


Due to Check-in? Visit the NBCRNA online portal from a computer, cell phone, or another mobile device — log in and then select “2-year Check-in” from the left-hand menu to complete the process.

CPC Resources

Changes to CPC Assessment Announced

In February 2019, the NBCRNA announced two changes to the CPC Assessment based on an extensive Beta Research Study on the CPC Assessment (CPCA) involving the participation of more than 1,500 CRNAs, as well as a national benchmarking study. The changes announced were:

  1. Removal of the pass/fail assessment requirement of the CPC Program: no pass/fail
  2. CRNAs will have the option of taking the assessment either remotely in the comfort of their home or place of their choosing, or at a testing center.


State Association Toolkit

The NBCRNA State Association Toolkit provides ready-to-use resources and materials you can directly add to your: website, newsletters, mailings, social media and other communications. It includes accurate, easy-to-understand information about the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program, the Continued Professional Certification Assessment (CPCA), and next steps in the certification renewal process.